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In-room massage Okinawa 「LINO」

If you are tired and do not feel like going anywhere or you want to get a massage while your kids are playing. Leave it to us!  All you need to prepare is a bed or a futon. We will prepare the shorts. We will give you a superb massage.
The female staff will deliver music and massages to the Hotel or House.

COVID-19 measures and Announcements

「Lino」 has not accepted foreigners for some time.

That's because some customers refused masks.

Guests are obliged to wear masks as a "corona measure".

Therapists also wear masks from greeting to retreat.


And some customers mistaked it for a sex shop.

We do not for sexual purposes !

Therefore, the last reception is 9PM.

🌺Relaxing Massage

This is recommended for those who are too tired to feel lazy or who want to relax. The aroma of aroma and soft hand prepare the flow of lymph while relieving fatigue and tension of work.

🌺Deep Tissue

While putting pressure deeply, it relaxes a tired muscle. Lino Original massage incorporating the essence of the Japan formula.

🌺Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

 We provide you a Lomi Lomi's powerful, dynamic Lino original massage together with subtle techniques unique to Japanese. It attracts many men, not just women!

"Lino" will introduce a therapist. Please note that the travel area and business hours are different. Now, let's find your favorite therapist! 

✨ Prices ✨

 60min  ¥8,000  US$80
¥12,000  US$120
 16,000  US$160
 ¥20,000  US$200

We can’t massage pregnant women, heart disease, high blood pressure, progressive disease. Please understand.

We do not for medical or sexual purposes.


WhatsApp +81-90-6632-1335

open:2pmlast order 9pm

We do not ask you inside the US military gate.


~For the staff information,

please check the latest information on

Google Maps or Twitter~

We do not for sexual purposes.


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